League Meeting Minutes - 02/26/19


Teams Represented:

Bocage Racquet Club, Baton Rouge Country Club, Country Club of Louisiana, Greystone, Jambalaya Park, Kenilworth, Magnolia Woods, Mirabeau Park, PARDS, Southern Oaks, Tara Club, the University Club, and the YMCA of Baton Rouge.  

Teams Not Represented:

Fenwood, Lake Sherwood, and Pelican Point

Meeting Summary

The President began the meeting shortly after 7:30pm at The University Club. He outlined the purpose of the meeting and the process by which business would be discussed. He discussed the process the Rules Committee followed to create the new Constitution for the League. The audience asked a few questions regarding difference in Constitution vs By-Laws. He then called for any amendments or sections the clubs wished to take out prior to voting on the final document.

Discussion, Amendments, and Approval:

Mag Woods - question regarding double votes for Board Members. Proposed a "one vote one club" amendment to Article V Section One. Approved unanimously.

Southern Oaks had a question regarding how the By-Laws would be approved and by whom. Also a question about a deadline cutoff for membership in the organization. The President recommended flexibility on that issue. Corey suggested the Board sets a cutoff each year for membership in the league. Approved unanimously.

The President outlined the roles of the potential new board and their jobs and committee chairs.

Southern Oaks moved to accept the document with the approved amendments. Jambalaya Park seconded. Approved unanimously.

League Website

Brief discussion about the website from the Secretary - highlighting the new "newsletter" section. Parents, swimmers, coaches, club contacts, representatives, and other interested parties can sign up on the website to be included in email blasts the League sends out in the future.

TAQ Notice

TAQ dropped out of hosting and providing staff for the City Meet. The President has been working to secure the NAT and is currently on the 3rd request with LSU to run our own version of City Meet. He requested dates and times approved previously and is currently "pending a decision from the business office." He outlined why things were taking so long - LSU owns the building, the scoreboard, and some timing equipment. TAQ owns the rest of the equipment and has a standing reservation for the pools for certain days and times. LSU is currently putting together a list of equipment they own and the League possibly request the additional equipment needed from TAQ. The audience discussed options regarding a possible Plan B. It was ultimately decided that part of the Competition Committee working group's job is to have a Plan A and Plan B, which is subject to Board approval. 

Officer Elections

President - Rob Dowie nominated, only nomination and Rob selected.

Vice President - Sarah Kelley nominated self from YMCA, Daniel nominated Cathy and she declined, Thomas Baxter nominated Margot May and she accepted. Margot selected.

Secretary - Daniel Wendt nominated, only nomination and Daniel selected.

Treasurer - Stephanie Bennett nominated and only nomination. Stephanie selected.

Members at Large - Courtney Roedel, Heather Oubre, Sarah Kelly, Elizabeth Winter nominated. Elizabeth, Sarah, and Courtney selected.

Other Business

Kenilworth wanted clarification on Thursday vs. Saturday meets. Southern Oaks moved to discuss. Jambalaya Park seconded. Tara Club spoke up for Saturday meets because there were no rainouts and cancellations for the Saturday. She said pushing back meets and rescheduling is very difficult. Greystone mentioned Thursday mornings also worked for the country club league before they merged. A parent from Kenilworth talked about how if scratches and things were handled ahead of time, then meets will run well and end on time. A Kenilworth Board Member expressed concern from members and swim team parents regarding Saturday mornings being difficult to work with. Southern Oaks moved that Saturday mornings be the default day for meets, but that both coaches could agree to move the day if they both agreed. University Club seconded. Bocage, BRCC, CCLA, Greystone, JPP, Magnolia Woods, MPAC, SOAC, Tara Club, University Club, and the YMCA voted for Saturday mornings as the default. Kenilworth voted for Thursday afternoons.

Admitting The Legacy to the League.  The President received a letter from the Legacy, a new club where the old Sherwood Oaks Country Club used to be.  The League voted unanimously to admit the Legacy to the League.

Closed shortly after 9:15pm.

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