Committee Appointments

On April 27, League President Rob Dowie appointed the following league committees for the 2019 season. 

Competition Committee – ideally composed of 3 or 5 members, the Committee is responsible for determining and amending the By-Laws each season. In matters of dispute between Clubs, the Competition Committee shall serve as the arbitrator and has the right to make binding decisions and sanctions (inclusive of fines and/or disqualifications) based upon the findings made, subject to approval by the President. By-Laws are approved by the Organization at the Annual Meeting. Competition Committee:

  • Daniel Wendt, Chair. (UC)
  • Sarah Kelley (YMCA)
  • Courtney Roedel (Mag Woods)
  • Corey Belcher (SOAC)
  • Samantha Murphy (JPP)

Championship Committee – composed of 3-5 members, the Committee is responsible for organizing the Championship Swim Meet(s) at the end of the season. Duties include, but are not limited to, selecting a location for the meet, organizing volunteers or making Club volunteer assignments such as starters, meet referees, timers, Clerk of Course, etc., determining fees (subject to approval by the Board), purchasing trophies, ribbons, and awards, and other jobs necessary for a well run meet.

Championship Committee

  • Courtney Stevens, Chair (PARDS)
  • Margo May (Greystone)
  • Trish Baudoin (JPP)
  • Stephanie Bennett (BRCC)
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