Meeting Minutes from Feb 4 League Meeting

People in attendance: Thomas Baxter, Corey Belcher, Olivia Brown, Cathy Carmichael, Jake Cavana, Rob Dowie, Sidney Gahagan, Hudson Hillman, Leighanne Kiggans, William Lurker, Cheryl Mauffray, Tim Mercer, Margaret Miller, Christy Mills, Sadie O'Keefe, Dylan Oquin, Dawn Robert, Courtney Roedel, Todd Sonnier, Melissa Stafford, Daniel Wendt, Tristan Wilkinson, Elizabeth Winter, Abigail Yoes

Teams in attendance: BRCC, Bocage, CCLA, Fenwood Acres, Jefferson Terrace, Jambalaya Park, Kenilworth, Lake Sherwood, Mag Woods, Mirabeau Park, PARDS, SOAC, Tara Club, UC, Westminster, YMCA

Teams not in attendance: Greystone, the Legacy

Rob, the President of the League, called the meeting to order at 7:03pm at the Mirabeau Park meeting room. The purpose of the meeting was to iron out schedule for the 2020 season, to create a committee to discuss last year and give recommendations on changes for the current year, and to give a financial update to the league. The President informed the room that there will be an additional league meeting in March for the expiring Board of Directors positions and too discuss and adopt the committee's recommendations. In addition, the Board of Directors will have a meeting for any outstanding matters to be resolved before the season begins.

Our treasurer was out with knee surgery, but Stephanie was able to give the President a financial update. The President read the update to the room, which is attached to these minutes. He also updated the room on the status of the GBRSL - the Greater Baton Rouge Swim League is a registered 501c3 with the IRS and the State of Louisiana and created a bank account. Based off of last year's numbers and the forward looking budget, the President believes the Board will approve a reduced swimmer surcharge this year. One additional expense will be liability insurance, which was not purchased last year. If anyone has questions regarding the budget, expenses, or anything money related, they can contact our Treasurer directly.

The next item discussed was the 2020 schedule. A reminder was given that the By-Laws sets regular season meets on Saturdays by default; however, if both teams agree they can move the day of the meet to another day. Teams also have the ability to make changes to meets with the approval of both teams - ex: events can be added or subtracted, additional entries can be added, parents can participate on a parent relay, etc. In terms of dates, the President outlined the calendar for the year - Memorial Day is pretty early this year. That means the first regular meet could be on May 30th and each subsequent weekend until the last weekend of the month. City Meet could be on June 26-28. Delaying City after that would run into July 4th the next weekend and USA Swimming swim meets during the weekends after. The room unanimously approved this timeline for the 2020 season.

There was discussion on the topic of hosting City meet. The President informed the league that the LSU facility manager from last year was gone and hosting City Meet at the LSU Nat could be back on the table this year. The President informed the room of the process to get a rental approved at LSU for the Nat. TAQ has an existing contract with LSU and dates and times the pools are reserved. Two options, if the Nat were to be reasonably priced, would be to work around TAQ's existing schedule for City Meet, or TAQ in the past has moved their schedule around to accommodate City Meet. A motion was made to have the President reach out to LSU to see if favorable terms could be met regarding hosting City Meet at the Nat with the GBRSL running the meet. The room unanimously adopted the motion. The President will attempt to reach a tentative agreement with the LSU for using the Nat during the last weekend in June by the March League Meeting. If no agreement can be made, the League will discuss options at the March meeting.

Finally, the President appointed Daniel Wendt, the League Secretary, as the Chair of the Competition Committee. He also asked for nominations to the committee to be emailed to him. The Committee will have two jobs: review the By-Laws and make recommended changes and review topics submitted by the room. Topics for discussion by the Competition Committee include:

  • Meet officials at dual meets
  • Computer training
  • Timeline for keeping result hard copies
  • Dolphin system requirements for all clubs
  • You may begin swim practice at this date,
  • League clinic kickoff
  • League team software management
  • Scheduling takes age into consideration in addition to size
  • Record keeping for fastest times
  • Rules for the championship meet - requirement for parking attendants, trash attendants, etc. for volunteers to the host team if not at LSU
  • Kickoff swim clinic - league sponsored
  • Having heat winner awards at regular season and City Meets

After those topics were submitted, no further business was discussed. The President adjourned the meeting at 7:42pm. 

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