COVID-19 League Update on 2020 Season


The GBRSL Board has met twice in April to develop a plan for this summer in response to COVID-19. We have heard from member clubs that are planning on cancelling their entire season and from some who would like to keep as close to "normal" as possible. In response, we have developed and approved a plan that the Board believes is in the interest and safety of all member clubs, swimmers, and the league.. Here is our decision regarding summer league in 2020... 

The GBRSL will:

  • NOT sponsor, facilitate, or host any in-person dual, tri, or championship meets
  • Extend one year of eligibility to all those who would have aged out of the League this year
  • Host a "virtual" Championship meet in which member clubs may submit times to the league for compilation and awards. The exact format of this will be announced at a later date, but the basic premise is that clubs will be able to submit times from swimmers anytime between June 30 - July 31, and those times will be merged into a virtual meet results file. No team scores or awards will be calculated --- just individuals. Again, more information will come later, and participation in this program is100% optional for each club.
  • NOT collect any team fees from member teams for this summer
  • Give all current members a 1 year reprieve on membership requirements - meaning that clubs who do not field a team this year will remain in good standing with the League
  • Allow teams to facilitate their own practices as they deem fit for their own needs, keeping in mind social distancing and potential patron load restrictions (whatever they end up becoming).

Essentially, teams can run their own swim clubs/practice as they see fit, and if they choose, may submit times for individual scoring in the form of a virtual/distance online submission form and meet merge file. The deadline to submit times is very large, which will allow teams to delay or extend their season as they see fit. I expect some clubs will cancel all together, and others may just run a small team in June, while others may extend into July once we have progressed through the CDC's phases. Either way, each club will make their own decision about timelines and practices. 

In other news, we will host a league-wide annual meeting Zoom call later this month. Until then, let me know if you have questions. In about a week from now, I will poll the league to see what teams are doing what, and who exactly wants to participate in the virtual meet championship. From there, I will appoint reps from those clubs to organize the structure of that meet.

Thanks everyone, and stay sage. I am hoping we will be in the water again soon!!! 

Rob Dowie
GBRSL President 
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