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League Meeting Minutes - 10/16/18


Teams Represented:

Bocage Racquet Club, Baton Rouge Country Club, Country Club of Louisiana, Greystone, Jambalaya Park, Kenilworth, Magnolia Woods, Mirabeau Park, PARDS, Pelican Point, Southern Oaks, Tara Club, and University Club.

Teams Not Represented:

Fenwood, Lake Sherwood, and YMCA of BR

Meeting Summary

President Rob Dowie began the meeting…

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League Meeting Minutes - 2/20/18


Teams Represented

Tara Club, Baton Rouge Country Club, University Club, Pelican Point, Bocage Racquet Club, Jambalaya Park Pool, YMCA of BR, Magnolia Woods, PARDS, Greystone Country Club, Lake Sherwood, Mirabeau Park Aquatic Club, Southern Oaks Athletic Club, Kenilworth

Teams Not Present

Calloways, Fenwood Hills, Country Club of Louisiana


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